All Myofascial treatment sessions are private, one-on-one with the therapist. New Patients are scheduled by the therapist for an Initial Evaluation & Treatment.

The initial visit is 2 hours long. The first hour will include reviewing the patient’s medical and personal history, performing a posture and/or gait assessment, and going over the patient’s goals for therapy. During the second half of the session the therapist will initiate Myofascial Treatment. At times, video or pictures may be taken with an iPad or iPhone in order for the therapist to study the patient’s posture and movements more carefully. This will only be done with patient consent.

Once the initial evaluation is complete, the therapist will be able to guide the patient on how to schedule future appointments. The frequency and length of treatment sessions will depend on various factors, all the while, taking into consideration the patient’s resources and what they can commit to. The therapist will work together with the patient to offer his/her recommendations on scheduling, but ultimately the patient is in full control of the course of their therapy.

We offer 60 minute sessions, 90 minute sessions, and 2 hour sessions. The most common is our 60 minute session, but in cases where a patient has a chronic condition and/or multiple areas to work on, a longer session will offer extra time to address and treat the areas involved.

Most procedures are done using skin-on-skin contact to fully benefit from the Myofascial techniques, therefore patients are advised to dress in loose, comfortable clothing that can easily be removed for treatment, or they can bring a change of clothes with them.

Men:  Stretchy, loose shorts or boxers. We recommend no tank tops or t-shirts since clothing can get in the way of treatment.

Women:  Stretchy shorts and a bra, or sports bra. Many women are comfortable being treated in their under garments since they are in a private room with the therapist. We always encourage that the patient dresses in what they feel most comfortable wearing.

**We recommend that patients please avoid wearing body lotion, creams or oils on days of treatment. Dry, clean skin is best to ensure the patient receives effective care.  Should a patient forget, we offer towels and wipes for those who may need them.

Please note, some procedures may include Pelvic Floor/Internal work. These techniques are done vaginally and/or rectally by a licensed, trained Physical Therapist only. There is a separate consent form to assess and treat the Pelvic Floor, and not all patients will require this type of treatment.

Intra-oral techniques are performed through the mouth (oral cavity) for cranial, neck and TJM treatment. Again, these techniques are specific to those patients who need this work.

No treatment is ever done without the patient’s full consent and trust.

Myofascial Release Therapy has proven to be successful in treating both acute and chronic levels of pain.
Below are some of the most common conditions we see and treat.
Low Back Pain Sciatica Fibromyalgia
Scoliosis Hip & Knee Pain Difficulty Swallowing
Headaches/ Neck Pain TMJ (Jaw) Pain Post-Surgery Pain/Scars
Shoulder Pain/Frozen Shoulder Carpal Tunnel Bowl & Digestive Pain/Dysfunction
Plantar Fascitis/Foot Pain Tailbone (Coccygeal) Pain Athletic Injuries/Overuse
Infants/Pediatrics Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction (Men & Women) Urinary/Bladder Conditions
Menstrual/Ovulation Pain Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia) Pre/Post Pregnancy
Post Mastectomy Abdominal pain/Endometriosis Spinal Conditions