When I came to Liz, I had been struggling with hip and shoulder problems for more than 10 years. I had tried multiple treatment approaches, but had only seen temporary results at best. Liz did not offer me a “magic bullet” solution — but she did offer me some immediate relief as well as the opportunity to work with her on permanent healing. The results over time have been amazing — my hip pain gradually diminished to a whisper. My shoulder, which used to act up every few months, has seen me through two-and-a-half years of injury-free workouts as well as three intense obstacle races.

In each treatment session, Liz combines her in-depth knowledge of physical therapy and anatomical function, remarkable sensitivity for MFR, and deeply intuitive approach to understanding what will be most beneficial. I have benefited enormously from insights gained in our sessions, and I appreciate how Liz includes emotional as well as physical aspects of wellness. I often go away with physical and emotional “to-dos”, and the resulting lifestyle adjustments I’ve made have snowballed into a powerful confidence in my body’s ability to heal.

Greg Larson
Orlando, Florida

For any woman that has come to this website searching for help with their pelvic floor issues and even more specific bladder related issues please read on. You have come to the right place. When I came to Liz I had been through two major abdominal surgeries within a period of 16 days with the second being a radical hysterectomy after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This was followed by surgery for my port and then 6 rounds of difficult chemo over a period of 4 months.

During this period it was becoming increasingly difficult to urinate properly. My bladder was freezing up. I would try to go but could not normally. I went the route of a Urologist out of desperation and endured two painful tests and then weeks of “therapy” sessions hooked up to a monitor while using this very uncomfortable sensor internally. My results on the screen were good, yet I was only getting worse. I was assured I would eventually improve and was doing everything I could and that you had to go through this period before you got better. I was also told by the urologist and technician to do Kegel exercises during this time which was only tightening that area up and making things worse. I was starting to despair. I knew I had to go a different route, but didn’t know where I would turn when I remembered I had met Liz several years earlier and I thought perhaps MFR and pelvic therapy might help. It was my last resort at this point, but in hindsight it should have been my first! I called and got my first appointment.

Finding Liz and the skills she has to work with women on these matters was an answer to prayer. After my first appointment I started showing improvement. And it continued from there until I could urinate normally again. Something we just take for granted. Liz knew exactly what to do to treat the problem and make me better! I continue to work with Liz for overall “bodywork” to deal with all the fallout from the surgeries and resulting scar tissue. She is superb with this work. When I am able to see her regularly it helps keep me moving and lowers my overall pain.

Liz is a skilled and gifted physical therapist. When you are there getting treated by her you get individual, caring attention which I feel is an important part of the healing process. It is a warm and welcoming environment.

Orlando, Florida

Let me start off with telling you a little about myself. I am close to sixty year old and have been a dental technician my entire career. At the age of three I was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease, leri plenonosteosis, one of twenty in the world (yeah wow) but as a child I knew no difference from other children except I was a little smaller in stature, no big deal. Later in life as the disease started getting a grip on my body limiting movement in all my joints, calcium deposits and cartilage degeneration I found myself in great pain just doing normal everyday activities. Well, then came surgery’s bilateral hip and knee replacements’ extreme pain and needing more surgeries. Yes and this is were Liz comes in to play God bless her.

After conventional physical therapy I still had much pain and my body, as you could imagine, was misaligned. Liz had taken the time to explain MFR, the stress the surgeries put on my body and the many years of work, bent over a bench had taken its tool. She cracked her fingers smiled kindly and said you are the perfect person for MFR. If I only knew then how perfect I was in her eyes and the benefits I would reap in the future. She knew my potential better then I and we proceeded with planned treatment.

Today I am more limber than I have been in years although I feel the surgeries were necessary, I often wonder if I knew MFR earlier if it would have saved me a lot of pain and misery. Well we cannot change the past but have all the hope of positive future. This attitude of well being and a bright future is also incorporated in Liz’s treatment for she is always optimistic and never displays a doubt of pessimism but only happy thoughts and proven therapies while in her presence.
I strongly urge anyone who really wants to make a difference in their physical being needs to take a long hard look into MFR

Ron Pikor
Oviedo, Florida

I am humbled as I attempt to express not only the things I have learned, but how my life has been saved since meeting Liz, John, Mark, (MFR Central Florida), in mid January. I I did not expect nor believe they, or anyone, could help me find myself out of feeling so utterly lost. I learned of John Barnes in 2003 through someone who had come to me for help.I have been a Psychiatrist since finishing my Residency in 1986. I never liked Psychiatrists in medical school. I had chosen family practice.  A teacher suggested I would like a Psychiatrist practicing West of Chicago, (Ray Robertson, M.D.) That teacher, Jim, was so right.

I have never been able to well explain to people how the use of music, and a method of using the body, brought forth memories forgotten, removed layers of held in emotions, forgotten feelings of love and peace. It was not at all like Psychiatry as practiced then or now. There was also a community formed by those who were treated and worked with him. It was a community of support and friends I decided to go into Psychiatry. I learned my profession well.  Yet, Psychiatry is nothing like the Psychiatry I learned with Ray: that Psychiatry involved compassion, listening, helping, and fun, as well as the medications and things most are familiar with.

Little did I expect to ever find something like that again, let alone something more. But, I found it two days in mid January in Casselberry, and it has not gone away. I’d read John’s ‘Healing Ancient Wounds’, some six years ago. (I no longer have my copy as I gave it to a good MD I know in town.) I heard, read, learned more as it was shared with me, explained to me through the person who had sought me out. While not experiencing the work first hand, I would picture what was being said, feel and move my body.  John’s description of the fascial system, my recollections of anatomy, cadavers, and surgeries, all began to fit together and make sense.

I will not pretend to have remembered the many things John Barnes has written, including his command of medicine and science. I believe John belongs among those men who have changed this world, science. I met John during MFR I in January 2008. He signed my copy of Myofascial Release, the search for excellence with: <em>Dear David Best of Luck Love John</em>
have had more luck than I could have imagined

Those who walk in his footsteps have turned my life around. They have helped me remember the glimmer of light and hope I’d forgotten. They did this in two days of working with me, using music, and words, love, compassion, and genuinely caring. They listened as nobody ever has, (and, I can talk a lot.) And, Casselberry MFR Central Florida did something more. This is so important. In 1995 I developed an acute obstructive uropathy. My Creatnine reflected near renal failure: a result of 2500 cc of urine in my bladder. This was because I had a large prostate.

They tried to keep me in the hospital to have surgery. And, after leaving, the urologist still wanted me to have surgery. I’d refused as I believed there were alternatives. My mind had already been thinking through what little I understood with MFR. When I read ‘Headache in the Pelvis’, describing relief from BPH at Stanford through a similar approach, I trusted I was not crazy. Three urologists knew nothing of the Stanford work, let alone John Barnes.

I discovered on my own how to simply do intermittent catheterization. If I’d had to do it the way I, and many are taught by the urologist, I might have given in to surgery.   I went through the exams to be sure there was no cancer. I learned I had a huge prostate. I learned my prostate was high up, and learned something about the ‘pelvic floor’. While I had to use the catheters daily, I could also urinate some on my own.

Other not so good events, circumstances happened in my life. I suspect I am one of the early ones who lead to the statistics for losing a home in Florida. That is another story. I mention it as a way of explaining what kept me from going for treatment: I could not afford it, and insurance would not cover it. I got to Casselberry because of the help of that very same person who had first sought my help. In the six months prior to meeting with John and Liz, (and Mark), in Casselberry, I rarely urinated without a catheter. However, that had stopped concerning me compared to what else was going on. Using a catheter was simple. While I knew I would like to once again urinate normally, it was more than enough to just be alive

Two days with John, Liz, Mark, (and two days with Barb from Sedona), have me urinating frequently. I still need to use a catheter a couple times daily. Palmetto, various Prostate remedies had not work. Medications had not worked. And, while saving my heart, getting me to begin urinating again were not enough… I learned on the first day in Casselberry I have been walking wrong: for many years. The bow legged knees I never liked are actually not supposed to be that way. My walking toe forward, as if going home plate to the pitcher, is not supposed to be that way

When I got home to my Golden Retriever, I noticed her hind feet were oriented correctly. I had never noticed. I had thought other people walked wrong. I screwed up and was wrong. Nobody had ever said anything to me about it, including doctors. Liz, John, Mark continue to stay in touch. I have felt heard, listened to, and understood for the first time in many years. I have been reminded of visions I’d known in my mind’s eye. I am seeing so much more in the world about me. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart:  which you helped me feel again. You have opened up a person who has been closed for a long time. I pray and hope that my life continues to be surrounded by you and the man who first came seeking my help: Dan
I am beginning to understand something of Fingerprints, Footprints, of God…Many times repeated.

David G. Malen, M.D.
Board certified in Psychiatry
Board eligible in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Student of MFR I

I was first Introduced to Myofascial Release 3 years ago. Some would say by chance, but I believe by divine providence.

I had experienced chronic pain throughout my late 20’s and early 30’s with no definitive reason why. On the outside I looked like a perfect specimen of health.  I was a former college basketball player and avid weightlifter who was extremely active and always attentive to my health. If you looked at me physically and read my stats, on paper I would be the last person you would think suffered chronic pain. I had migraines that would go on for weeks, nausea, and eye pain, numbness in my hands, hot flashes, sleep interruption, tailbone pain and more. These symptoms would come on without forewarning and had no pattern to them. For many years I hid this from my family and friends and finally out of desperation sought medical help. In my late 20’s I gave 2 years of my life to our healthcare system. I had every organ in my body MRI’d, Cat-Scanned, with gallons of blood taken, and unnecessary surgeries performed.

After many years of frustration and with no explanation from my healthcare providers, I came to grips with the fact that I might have to live like this the rest of my life, so I gave it up to God and moved forward with my life. In early 2006, I met the love of my life, my future wife Elizabeth. When we started dating, I was anxious over telling her about my chronic pain issues and was nervous about meeting her because I never knew when an episode would come on.  On our second date, I had an episode of hot flashes and nauseas. I considered cancelling and rescheduling until I was feeling better but I wanted to spend time with her so I kept the date as scheduled. On that night, I was not only on the second date with my future wife but I experienced MFR for the first time.  I explained to her that I was not feeling well and told her of my health history with chronic pain. She proceeded to tell me that her own experience with chronic pain guided her to study a form of manual therapy called MFR, or Myofascial Release. She asked if she could perform some basic techniques on me to see if it would relieve some of my symptoms. Willing to try anything at this point, I allowed her to scan my back and to perform some basic release techniques. Within 10 minutes, my body temperature normalized and my nausea went away. For the first time, my body felt like it had true relief!

Today I am happily married and have put the days of migraines, nausea and pain behind me. I take no pain medication and my body feels like it is getting younger. These results were achieved with Myofascial Release. I know that my body will continue to age. It’s an inevitable.  For me it’s the quality of life in between that I feel I have more control over.

Mark Busch
Casselberry, Florida