Why Fee for Service?

Myofascial Release of Central Florida is a privately-owned and operated professional practice. We are not affiliated with any insurance providers. This allows us to keep our cost down while providing exceptional service and care without the limitations of insurance.

Healthcare is changing. Patients are realizing there are options outside of their healthcare benefits. Although insurance can be beneficial, at times it can also be extremely limiting and a challenge to work with. More and more patients are looking for alternative methods to treat their pain and manage their health without all the restrictions and frustration insurance can create.

The care received through private healthcare is far superior to that of a more traditional insurance-based practice. As long as insurance companies are involved, they will always make the final decision. Insurance directs, depicts, and ultimately approves (or disapproves) of what services a patient can or cannot receive. They determine the amount, type and length of therapy. More importantly, insurance does not adhere to the concept of a whole-body treatment approach which is necessary for authentic healing. This greatly limits a therapist’s ability to practice, but also prevents the patient from receiving the care they need in order to reach their healthcare goals.

High quality, one-on-one, personal care will accelerate a patient’s progress far beyond the convenient models of insurance-based services. Over time, private healthcare can help patients minimize their health-related expenses while saving them valuable time and frustration when seeking resolution to their healthcare needs.

Do I need a referral?

In accordance with the Physical Therapy Practice Acts, the State of Florida grants Physical Therapists Direct Access within guidelines. Direct Access allows a licensed Physical Therapist to evaluate and treat a patient without first needing to obtain a referral or script from a physician. However, in the event a patient is seeking treatment and care for a condition not previously assessed or treated by another health care practitioner, the therapist will obtain a practitioner of record who will review and sign the plan of care if treatment for that condition extends beyond 21 days. Any condition outside the scope or practice of Physical Therapy will be referred to the appropriate health care practitioner.

When is Myofascial Release an option?
  • Patient has been told, “Learn to live with the pain”
  • Patient is looking for alternative care to treat their condition vs. following traditional medicine
  • Patient has sought extensive sources of care without relief
  • Symptoms and pain are worsening without a reported cause
  • Patient and doctor have reached a plateau in treating “symptoms” and doctor states there are no more options
  • Health insurance has limited the amount and type of therapy a patient can receive
  • Health insurance benefits have run out and patients still require skilled intervention
  • Surgery has failed or is not a option